• In Action

    Connecting with youths today, empowering them for a better tomorrow.

    Saturday Night Lights

    A friendly game of football every quarter allows CAG employees and youths from the programme to get to know one another. CAG employees also volunteer at training sessions every Saturday.

    Youth Passport Programme

    This programme encourages NorthLight students to think about personal interests through exposure to various career options available in the airport.

    Social Competence Learning Programme with Metta School

    Metta School students with Autism Spectrum Disorder visit Changi Airport regularly to build up their social and independent living skills. CAG employees guide them as they perform tasks such as buying groceries and meals at a food court.


    Changi Airport Community Donates Oxygen Concentrators to Indonesia

    Changi Foundation, together with the Changi Airport community, came together to support Indonesia in its fight against the pandemic with a donation of 1,380 oxygen concentrators. We hope that our collective contributions would go some way towards saving precious lives. We stand in solidarity with Indonesia, our neighbour and friend, during this challenging period. 


    Changi Foundation Donates Self-disinfecting Coating to Town Touncils

    Changi Foundation donated 650 litres of a self-disinfecting coating to 16 town councils in Singapore. This coating, named sdst, has been applied on frequently-touched surfaces in Changi Airport. It was used on about 1.5 million lift buttons in Singapore’s 26,000 HDB lifts. Eco-friendly and safe, the coating safeguards against viruses, bacteria and fungi. It stays effective for three months without the need for reapplication during this period. 


  • Committed to Youth Development

    Youths are in the stage of their lives where they are working towards achieving their full potential. However, for some of them, their aspirations are cut short prematurely due to various circumstances, such as financial difficulties or lack of family support.

    Who We Work With

    Since 2010, CAG has supported more than 15,000 disadvantaged youths through a variety of programmes and initiatives. In addition to partnering Metta School and NorthLight School as our main beneficiaries, Changi Foundation also supports the following charity organisations/Social Service Organisations:

    • Beautiful People
    • Institute of Technical Education
    • Metta Welfare Association
    • Shine Children & Youth Services
    • TOUCH Community Services

    Close Partnership with Metta School and NorthLight School

    We believe that every youth wants to do well and has aspirations for the future. Through our CSR efforts, we hope to minimise barriers to success for the youths we support to enable them to lead independent and purposeful lives in the future.

    Since 2014, Changi Foundation has adopted NorthLight School as our main charity beneficiary and in 2018, we adopted Metta School as our second beneficiary.

    We believe in being engaged philanthropists, and have deep-dived our efforts with both schools, co-creating programmes that complement the schools’ curriculums and are carefully crafted to provide the students with relevant, meaningful developmental experiences. The fully immersive programmes also help CAG volunteers develop a bond with the students over time.

    School and Students

    NorthLight School aims to provide an engaging education for the youths and prepare them for lifelong learning and employability. The school caters to the learning needs of students who are unable to progress through the mainstream academic school system after their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and/or those at risk of prematurely leaving school.

    Curriculum and Values

    The school adopts an experiential approach to teaching and learning. It focuses on nurturing the students' socio-emotional development by recognising their achievements, encouraging peer support, and creating conditions to promote self-esteem. The school customises curriculum and programmes to better motivate these students, build up their basic academic foundation and equip them with the essential skills to take on challenges in the workplace. Students can benefit from the more customised hands-on learning approach, giving them a better chance to succeed.

    For more details about NorthLight School, do visit the school’s website here.


    Youth Passport Programme (YPP)

    The Youth Passport Programme provides youths the opportunity to experience first-hand the exciting environment at a world-class airport and get a glimpse of what the working world is like. The visit also exposes them to possible careers at Changi Airport. This gets the youths thinking early about their personal interests and strengths, and different career options, so that they can make a more informed decision before they opt for their course of study in Year 3.

    Career Development Programme
    The programme complements the school‚Äôs curriculum as students benefit from real-life interactions with employers and from the exposure to an authentic operational work environment. Preparatory workshops such as the grooming workshop or the "Be A Service Star" workshop ‚Äď which is based on the Changi Service DNA, strengthen the students‚Äô job readiness skills. Selected students undergo a five-day job attachment with CAG and various airport partners to gain more real-life work experience.

    Local Community Service Learning Programme

    We believe in encouraging the youths to give back to society. Whether it is an environment project, or meeting and helping individuals who are needier than they are, the youths learn to better appreciate what they have been given. Students from various CCA groups in NorthLight School participate in workshops (covering topics such as self-awareness, confidence, team-work, event planning) that guide them in planning and executing their own community service projects from start to finish.


    Metta School was established in 2001 by Metta Welfare Association, with the support of the Ministry of Education and the National Council of Social Service.

    The school offers special education to students with Mild Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged between 7 and 21 years, with the aim of preparing them for a future of gainful employment, independence, social connections and self-worth.

    Metta School currently has an enrolment of about 400 students with IQs that range between 50 - 70.

    For more details about Metta School, do visit the school website here.


    Social Competence Learning Programme

    This programme focuses on helping students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop daily living skills. Tasks that we perform with little thought, like buying groceries or meals, seeking medical attention etc, do not come as easily for this special group of youths; and so, leveraging the mini-city that is Changi Airport, they drop by several times a year to practise within the safe, comfortable confines of our terminals, and with the guidance of volunteers comprising CAG staff or airport partners.

    Two Week Job Trial

    Working closely with selected airport partners, we provide work experience for students with Mild Intellectual Disability and/ or ASD. The programme allows the students to be trained, under close supervision, in an authentic work environment, with the intent of preparing them for open employment in the near future.


  • Meet Our Employee Volunteers

    John Ong
    Employee Volunteer

    "I witnessed how my mentee (during 2017’s 5-Day Job Attachment Programme) transformed from a quiet, hesitant person on day one, to a more confident and motivated young man who was ready to take on challenges. I felt like a proud father when I saw him receive his certificate of completion on stage."

    Lim Seng Kee
    Employee Volunteer

    "I enjoy my volunteer journey immensely - building relationships with the youths; earning their respect, gaining their trust, and cultivating friendships. The strong bonds developed over time give me the purpose and strength to keep going. I am conscious of the positive influence through role modelling. I know that I have the capability to lead by example. I hope that my efforts and contributions will go a long way in shaping someone’s life."

  • News and Events


Supporting aspirations of Art@Metta artists at Terminal 3

An artist with special needs gets a shot to living out her dream to be a retail assistant.

16 January

Using Art to give back to society

How a CAG employee leveraged his passion for art to give back to special needs artists from Arts@Metta, Metta Welfare Association.



4 February

Textile collection with proceeds directed to Metta Welfare Association (MWA)’s Youth Employment Programmes

Along with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore’s contribution, 900 kg was collected and passed on to MWA, who will direct resale proceeds to fund their Youth Employment programmes.



28 February

Virtual Art Auction showcasing works of special needs artists

Special needs artists take centre stage at virtual art auction after boost from public speaking lessons.



10 March

Company of Good 

CAG pivots to virtual programmes during the Covid pandemic.



27 April

Changi Foundation’s birthday CSR event

Hosting MWA youths to CES as part of CF’s 4th birthday celebrations.




Grooming tech talents to strengthen in-house digital capabilities

Hatch graduate joins CAG UI/UX team.



24 November 

Community Chest Volunteer Partner award

We are honoured to receive the Community Chest Partner Award in acknowledgement of our support towards Metta School and Arts@Metta.



29 November 

Ground up initiated activity

Badminton enthusiasts in CAG started a programme to teach badminton to Metta School students.




Art Prog 2022

The 2022 Art Prog was expanded to involve mentors to coach artists with special needs 




Giving back through skills-based volunteering

How one employee used his talents and specialised skills to help special needs artists.



26 January

Champions of Good write up of CAG’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts

A feature on Changi Foundation's various programmes including the Youth Passport Programme and Career Development Programme.



8 July

Collaboration to retail Metta Welfare Association’s products at Gift by Changi shop (Jewel)

The artists from Metta Welfare Association have produced an array of batik and pottery products in their first retail collaboration with Changi.




Changi Foundation, airport partners donate 1,380 oxygen concentrators to Indonesia to fight Covid-19

Changi Airport community donates oxgen concentrators to Indonesia to support fight against Covid-19

Changi Airport community donates 1,380 oxygen concentrators to Indonesia

Changi Foundation and over 30 other airport partners came together to support Indonesia in its fight against the pandemic with a donation of 1,380 oxygen concentrators.


4 September

Feature of Effendy 

Find out more about Effendy, a former participant in Saturday Night Lights, and his inspirational journey of becoming part of Changi's Airport Emergency Service team.




Changi Journeys article of Changi Foundation’s support of Hatch 

Changi Foundation's latest partnership with Hatch in supporting and empowering disadvantaged youths.




M.A.D Rockstars feature of Jonathan Wong and Daniel Foo during Giving Week (month of December)

Jonathan Wong and Daniel Foo are CAG's 2021 Core Value Award for M.A.D Rockstars winners.



7 December

Feature of Daniel Foo on NVPC - Towards a City of Good's Instagram 

Daniel Foo shared his story of developing art programmes and providing guidance for special needs artistes at Arts@Metta.



16 December

Feature of Together We Soar Project (SHINE) 

Youths from SHINE Children & Youth Services wrote over 2,000 messages of encouragement dedicated to the airport community.



21 December

Fostering the spirit of giving in Changi Airport 

CAG and Metta Welfare Association organised a virtual fund-raising art fair to showcase the unique artwork of special needs artists from Arts@Metta. 


22 January

Textile donation exercise

Doing good together with Metta School who helped out in CAG’s textile donation exercise.




'Self-disinfecting coating' applied to HDB lift buttons

All HDB lift buttons treated with coating agent said to help fend off likes of Covid-19 for up to 3 months

Durable, self-disinfecting coating applied on all HDB lift buttons

Changi Foundation donates 650 litres of  self-disinfecting coating to all 16 town councils.



29 April / 8 May

Changi Foundation sponsors 100 routers to lower income students (¬†ś®üŚģúŚüļťáĎšľöŤĶěŚä©100śą∑šĹéśĒ∂Śģ∂Śļ≠WiFiŤ∑ĮÁĒĪŚô®)

Computer and Wifi assistance (Mujur dapat bantuan komputer dan Wi-Fi)

Changi Foundation and Changi Travel Services sponsor 100 routers to facilitate Home-Based Learning for lower income students 




Volunteering virtually in the midst of Covid-19

The CAG CSR team pivots to experiment with virtual volunteering during Covid -19 


23 August

Virtual volunteering: CAG employees role-play as doctor and nurses to help special needs students from Metta School with seeking medical consultation online

CAG employees role-play as doctors and nurses to help special needs students from Metta School with seeking medical consultation online 


4 September

Meet one of our volunteers!

One of our dedicated volunteers works with students at Metta School to equip them with social and independent life skills


Learning in the airport environment

Metta School students learn crucial social and independent living skills in Changi Airport with programmes organised by Changi Foundation.




Making a difference in young people’s lives

NorthLight School students participate in 5-day Job Attachment Programme with CAG’s Airport Emergency Service.



9 October 

249 top donors and partners recognised for contributions to Community Chest

CAG receives the Volunteer Partner award from Community Chest for its exemplary volunteerism scheme.




Looking back at a year of empowering youths

A review on how CAG continues to lend its support to disadvantaged youths by empowering them with real-life experiences.


26 March

Changi Helps Youths Spread Their Wings

NorthLight students undergo a 5-day job attachment programme with Changi Airport Group and various airport partners.



28th November

Empowering Youths for a Better Future

Together with the airport community, Changi Foundation’s job attachment programme has provided more than 300 NorthLight students a meaningful work experience in a real environment 



3 December

Global showcase for artists with disabilities

iShopChangi provides a platform for merchandise produced by artists from The Art Faculty.

20 April

A cool $65k for ST fund to help kids

Funds were raised for NorthLight School and the Strait Times School Pocket Monet Fund through sheer grit and determination.



7 October

Northlight School Students undergo Job Attachment at Changi Airport Fire Station

Changi Airport Group and its partners offered job attachment opportunities to 57 students from NorthLight School through the Changi Foundation 5-day Job Attachment Programme.

8 August

5,500 gifts for schools' Life Shop

A three-day company-wide donation drive was organised in support of NorthLight School’s Life Shop which saw a total of 5,500 brand new and pre-loved items collected.




Asian Geographic Feature: CSR Takes Flight in Singapore

CAG's CSR programmes have outreached to more than 1000 youths from 2014-2015.



12 March

The Straits Times Parliament Highlight: Saturday Night Lights football programme

CAG’s Saturday Night Lights Programme was lauded as a positive example of corporate giving in a Parliament session on 12 Mar 2015.

17 and 28 July

Northlight School Students learn interview skills

Runway to real-world learning

An interview skills workshop was conducted for 60 NorthLight School students to better prepare them for entry into the workforce.



26 January

Eye on ball to help out children

Saturday Night Football

CAG partnered Singapore Sports Council to kick-start a football programme for underprivileged youths in the central district.






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