Changi Airfreight Centre

Tenacy and Payment

1. What is the standard tenancy term?

Our standard tenancy term is 2 years. Any variation in tenancy term will require a valid reason and is subjected to CAG’s approval.

2. How many months is the Advance Rental payment?

1.5 months, payment by cheque

3. Will an invoice be issued for the Advance Rental?

By default, no invoice will be issued for Advance Rental. The amount will be stated in our Letter of Acceptance. You will be issued with an official receipt once our Finance process the payment. However, if you require an invoice for your Finance to issue the cheque, please inform us at point of application.

4. Do you accept Banker’s Guarantee (BG) or cheque deposit only?

We accept both BG and cheque deposit. If BG is your preferred deposit option, please request for the Specimen BG template from the officer-in-charge. Please note that no invoice will be given for Security Deposits. The amount will be stated in our Letter of Acceptance and Tenancy Agreement.

Truck Lot Rental

5. How do I rent a truck lot?

Truck lots facing each warehouse unit in CAB D, CAB E, and Megaplex 1 is automatically incorporated into your warehouse lease.

For CAB C, rental of truck lot is optional and to be separately applied for with Ramky Parking:

Ramky Parking Contact

  • Email :
  • Hotline: (+65) 6876 5408 (24 hrs)

6. Where can I get the IRAS Stamp Duty Certificate?

Tenants can carry out e-stamping at the IRAS e-stamping website. More information related to Stamp Duty can be found here.