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Our Purpose

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Changi Foundation was launched in April 2012 to support and reach out to disadvantaged youths, a social cause that CAG has supported since 2010. Each year, CAG allocates a percentage of its net profit to the Changi Foundation, which supports youth community efforts. Through the programmes and projects funded by the Changi Foundation, CAG aims to touch the lives of approximately 600 youths each year.

Changi Foundation is administered by the Community Foundation of Singapore, an independent non-profit organisation set up to inspire giving in Singapore by bridging donors with innovative grant making on community causes.

Committed to Youth Development

Youths are in the stage of their lives where they are working towards achieving their full potential. However, for some of them, their aspirations are cut short prematurely due to various circumstances, such as financial difficulties or lack of family support.

Changi Foundation partners

Since 2010, CAG has worked with more than 1,000 disadvantaged youths through a variety of programmes and initiatives. In addition to partnering NorthLight School as our main beneficiary, Changi Foundation also supports the following charity organisations:

  • Assumption Pathway School
  • Institute of Technical Education
  • Life Community Services Society
  • METTA School
  • Singapore Press Holdings (Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund)
  • Students Care Service
Close partnership with Northlight school

Close Partnership with Northlight School

A positive mentoring relationship with an adult has proven to be a key success factor in enabling a disadvantaged youth’s ability to “turn around” and sustain the positive attitude change.

Since 2014, Changi Foundation has partnered NorthLight School as our main charity beneficiary, with specially designed programmes that aim to touch students across all four levels of the school. These programmes have been carefully crafted to provide NorthLight students with a wholesome developmental experience that will accompany them throughout their years at the school. The fully immersive programme would also help CAG volunteers develop a close relationship with the students over time.

Find out more about Northlight School

School and Students
NorthLight School aims to provide an engaging education for the youths and prepare them for lifelong learning and employability. The school caters to the learning needs of students who are unable to progress through the mainstream academic school system after their Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) and/or those at risk of prematurely leaving school.

Curriculum and Values
The school adopts an experiential approach to teaching and learning. It focuses on nurturing the students' socio-emotional development by recognising their achievements, encouraging peer support, and creating conditions to promote self-esteem. The school customises curriculum and programmes to better motivate these students, build up their basic academic foundation and equip them with the essential skills to take on challenges in the workplace. Students can benefit from the more customised hands-on learning approach, giving them a better chance to succeed.

For more details about NorthLight School, do visit the school’s website here.

Our Programmes

Years 1 and 2: Numeracy Coaching / Reading Programme

Being able to read is a skill most of us take for granted. However, for some NorthLight students, reading can be a struggle. Similarly, mathematics is an academic subject which students generally need more help in. The numeracy coaching and reading programmes are held weekly at the school, where CAG staff coach selected students who have been identified by their teachers as requiring more assistance in mathematics and literacy. The one-to-one engagement between student and volunteer allows for more personalised attention, which in turn brings about more tangible improvement.

Year 2: Youth Passport Programme (YPP)
Conducted over two half-days, the Youth Passport Programme provides youths the opportunity to experience first-hand the exciting environment at a world-class airport and get a glimpse of what the working world is like. The visit also exposes them to possible careers at Changi Airport. This get the youths thinking early about their personal interests and strengths, and different career options, so that they can make a more informed decision before they opt for their course of study in Year 3.

Year 3: Career Development Programme
The programme complements the school’s curriculum as students benefit from real-life interactions with employers and from the exposure to an authentic operational work environment. Preparatory workshops such as the interview skills workshop or the "Be A Service Star" workshop – which is based on the Changi Service DNA, strengthen the students’ job readiness skills. Selected students undergo a five-day job attachment with CAG and various airport partners to gain more real-life work experience.

Year 4: Moulding NorthLight Leaders
This programme is meant for selected Year 4 students who have demonstrated leadership ability or potential, and aims to equip and empower them with the skills and confidence to continue growing as leaders in the next phase of their lives. The programme, which comprises a three-day workshop and one-day of hands-on learning, provides an opportunity for the students to put skills and concepts that they learn into action, as they plan and execute an activity for their peers.

Local Community Service Learning Programme
We believe in encouraging the youths to give back to society. By meeting and helping individuals who are needier than they are, the youths would learn to better appreciate what they have been given. Students from various CCA groups in NorthLight School participate in workshops (covering topics such as self-awareness, confidence, team-work, event planning) that guide them in planning and executing their own community service projects from start to finish.

Saturday Night Lights Soccer Programme
Statistics have shown that most crimes committed by youths take place on Saturday nights. Under this programme, which is supported by Changi Foundation and run in partnership with SportCares Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Sport Singapore), youths from NorthLight School hone their soccer skills and train under professional football coaches. Through the structured weekly football sessions, they develop good values such as teamwork and sportsmanship, mental and physical discipline, as well as a commitment to a greater purpose. Besides practising their soccer skills on the pitch, the youths also attend workshops and inspirational talks, and are given the opportunity to volunteer at other sporting events. More importantly, the sessions provide a safe and conducive environment for the youths to spend their Saturday nights in positive company.

Staff Volunteerism

Fun facts

  • 600

    Lives positively touched each year

  • 5 days

    Volunteerism leave granted for each employee

  • $200K

    Collected yearly from donation boxes

  • 1800

    Employees in Changi Airport Group

  • >540

    Awards and Accolades

  • 50K

    Working together at Changi Airport

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