Airport Emergency Service

We provide a Category 10 level of fire protection, the highest possible fire protection coverage in accordance to ICAO standards.

Airport Emergency Service Team

Highly trained and always ready, the Airport Emergency Service(AES) comes to the rescue of local celebrity, Michelle Chia, in less than a moment' notice. 

Find out more about the rarely seen, but always on the get-go AES Team and their Machines. 


Airport emergency plan

The Airport emergency plan at Changi coordinates the efforts of mutual aid agencies within the airport and its immediate vicinity. The AES team is responsible for managing the Airport emergency plan and takes charge of the rescue and fire-fighting and other crash site operations of this plan.  

These plans are tested annually in the form of full-scale aircraft crash exercises with good support from the mutual aid agencies. AES also responds to other emergency situations within the airport. This includes response to dangerous goods incidents or bomb warning as well as chemical or biological threats.


Safety infrastructure

At all times, AES fire-fighting vehicles respond to the scene of an aircraft accident in 2 minutes, not exceeding 3 minutes and bring the fires under control within a minute upon arrival. This is swiftly followed by rescue and evacuation efforts to nearby medical facilities.

In line with ICAO's recommendation to deal with aircraft crashes at the waters surrounding the airport, AES is equipped with sea rescue capabilities. It has a fleet of emergency resources based in a Sea Rescue Base off the waters of Changi Airport. Operating highly specialised emergency vessels and equipment in the event of aircraft incidents out at sea, the Sea Rescue Base is also the only hovercraft operator in Singapore.

Aerodrome Safety

The Aerodrome Safety Unit is involved in implementing and maintaining an effective and robust safety management system as well as ensuring compliance with safety regulatory requirements.

Ensuring compliance with safety regulatory requirements



Safety management system

All levels of management and staff are committed to adopting leading practices in managing safety and risks, in line with international and national standards to achieve the highest level of safety performance.

The Aerodrome Safety Unit is involved in implementing and maintaining an effective and robust safety management system as well as ensuring compliance with safety regulatory requirements. The core functions of the ASU are to:

  • Ensure that all safety processes within the organisation is aligned
  • Monitor the safety performance of operational groups
  • Manage the confidential hazard identification process
  • Provide guidance and advice on safety management matters
Channel for airport users to report hazards & offer suggestions

Safety reporting

Changi Airport Group is committed to the establishment of a process where hazards that are likely to jeopardise safety or weaken safety defences are pro-actively identified and managed. The online hazard reporting application is a voluntary and confidential reporting system that is managed by the Aerodrome Safety Unit. It provides a channel for airport users to report hazards and offer suggestions to address the hazards. No action shall be taken against any personnel who reports a safety concern unless it is due to an illegal act, gross negligence, a deliberate or wilful disregard of regulations or procedures.

E-Service: Notification of safety hazard

In addition to the online hazard reporting channel, airport users who wish to report hazards which require immediate attention may do so at the following 24/7 hotline numbers:

  • 6541 2424 (Changi Airport)
  • 6481 5077 (Seletar Airport)

Aviation security

Ensuring the safety and security of passengers is critical to our operations. As such, we have in place the strictest security measures, in line with ICAO recommendations.

Strictest security measures, with ICAO recommendations



Airport security videos in various languages

Security videos

To better understand airport security in Changi, we have prepared airport security videos in various languages.





Fun facts

  • 62.2

    Million passengers in 2017

  • 7200

    Flights every week

  • 400

    Connected cities worldwide

  • 80m

    Height of Airport control tower

  • 1216

    Bronze drops - make up the Kinetic Rain

  • 2.13

    Million cargo tonnage in 2017

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