Terminal 4 Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer

To prepare for the successful opening of Terminal 4, a series of trials will be conducted over the next few months. These trials are important as they will ensure that all systems and processes work perfectly. 

We are looking for volunteers to participate in these trials to role play as passengers. 

Please go through the Terms and Conditions before you indicate your interest to sign up. You can also refer to the FAQ section for more information.

We look forward to your participation in operationalising the new Terminal 4!

The Role of Volunteers

Volunteers will undertake the role of passengers during the trials. Systems and processes for departures, arrivals and transfers will be tested during the trials. To illustrate, volunteers could be given the role of a departing passenger and would go through processes such as check-in, immigration, security screening and boarding. Similarly,  volunteers could also be asked to perform the roles of arriving or transferring passengers. 

To ensure trials are conducted rigourously, scenarios will be injected during the trials. For example, volunteers could be asked to check-in additional bags, clear security screening with Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGs) in hand-carry baggage, or even asked to “miss” their flights. These scenarios are planned out in advance and will be carried out to prepare airport staff in their response when the terminal opens for operations. 

Volunteers will be briefed by coordinators prior to the start of the trials and are encouraged to provide feedback at the end of each trial. 

Role of Passengers

At the beginning of each trial day, we will explain the day’s schedule and volunteers' roles in detail. Trial coordinators and helpers will be present and can provide assistance.

Volunteers are required to bring along valid passports as they will be used by some of the airport systems. Volunteers will not be leaving Singapore. 

Things may not work out as well as planned. Volunteers may experience some waiting time or may have to take a longer route to their destination. 


Typical Schedule (for reference only)

Time Activity Venue
0900 hr - 0930 hr


A typical trial day will start at 09:00hr. Registration will be at Terminal 2 – Arrival Hall, next to McDonalds. Once registered, you will be taking a shuttle to Terminal 4. 


Terminal 2 Coach Stand (Arrival level, next to McDonalds)


1000 hr - 1100 hr

Trial Briefing 

Volunteers will be briefed on the day’s schedule and will be organised in different groups before being led by our trial coordinators to respective start points. 


Check-in Row 1


1100 hr - 1300 hr

1st wave of trial

Volunteers might be assigned different passenger roles and scenarios. Once given the cue by the trial coordinators to start, volunteers shall then go through the processes at the respective touch-points


Trial Areas


1300 hr - 1400 hr

Lunch Break

A halal meal with drinks will be provided. Volunteers dhould clearly indicate if they have special dietary requirements during the sign-up process.


Breakout Area


1400 hr - 1600 hr

2nd wave of trial

The second wave of trial will start. Again, volunteers will go through the respective touch points with either the same or different passenger roles or scenarios assigned. 


Trial Areas
1600 hr - 1630 hr

Feedback Session and Sign out

At the end of the second wave, volunteers will gather back at Check-in Row 1. Feedback for the trials will be collected during the debrief.


Check-in Row 1

Please note that the actual schedule may differ on the day of trial. 


What will volunteers get from the trial?

Volunteers get to experience, first hand, the offerings of Terminal 4 in Changi Airport. 

On top of that, we have also prepared a goodie bag to thank volunteers for their time. It will include a Max Plushie (which can turn into a neck pillow), tote bag, and a range of discount vouchers!


Terms and Conditions


Volunteers must be at least 16 years old to participate in the trials.


Volunteers agree not to publish or release any photograph, video, news item, article, publication, advertisement, prepared speech or any other information or material pertaining to any part of the trials.

Language Capability

Briefings on trial proceedings will only be conducted in English. To ensure seamless execution of the trials, you should have a good understanding of English language  to follow the instructions provided by our coordinators.

Mobility and Physical Conditions

Volunteers might be required to walk long distances in Terminal 4 throughout the trial day. For safety reasons, we advise that volunteers should not have any physical limitation that will prevent them from leaving the terminal building in case of emergency.

*Trials for members of public with physical disabilities will be conducted on dedicated trial days where additional resources will be deployed to ensure the well-being of the volunteers. Please email t4.orat@changiairport.com to indicate your interest.

Use of photos / videos by Changi Airport Group

Official photographers / videographers will be engaged by CAG and volunteers might be captured in these photos or videos.  Volunteers agree to allow CAG to use any of the photos and videos for any publicity or other purposes .

Sign-up to be part of history

To sign up, please visit changiairport.com/T4Trials

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how can I register to participate in the trials?

You can register by going to changiairport.com/T4Trials

Where and how can I withdraw from the trial?

In the unfortunate event that you have to withdraw from the trial, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can free up your slot for the others. The detailed instructions to withdraw from the trial is available in the confirmation email.


How will I know if the trial I signed up for is cancelled or postponed?

A final confirmation email will be sent out to you 1 week before the actual day of trial. You will be notified via email if there is any changes to the trial dates.


How do I receive the details on my trial?

A confirmation email will be sent to you 1 week before the actual day of trial.


How do I get to Terminal 4 on my trial day?

There will be a shuttle bus service from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4. The pick up point for the shuttle bus will be at Terminal 2 Arrival Level Coach stand (near McDonalds)


Is there any parking available for trial passengers?

Trial passengers are not allowed to park at Terminal 4. Trial passengers can park their cars at Terminal 2 and board the shuttle bus at Terminal 2. The pick up point for the shuttle bus will be at Terminal 2 Arrival Level Coach stand (near McDonalds). A complimentary parking coupon will be provided upon signing out of the trial event. 

Do I have to bring food or beverage for the trial day?

Lunch will be provided during the trial. 



Do I have to bring luggage for the trial day?

There will be no need to bring luggage for trial day. They will be provided at Terminal 4.


What do I have to bring on the trial day?

Please bring along your passport.

Do I have to bring my passport on trial day?


Do I have to be dressed in a specific way for the trial day?

You are advised to wear something comfortable, preferably flat soled shoes, as there will be a lot of walking involved. 



Is there any safety coverage during the trial day?

 Yes, your safety is our concern. There will be a first aid team on site during trial days.



Do I have to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the trial to participate?

Yes, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the trial to participate.



Do I have to agree to the data privacy to participate?

Yes, you will have to agree to the data privacy to participate.


Is it allowed to take pictures, videos or audio recording during the trial?

No, you are not allowed to take any picture, videos or audio recording during the trial.


Is smoking allowed during the trial?

Smoking is not allowed in the Terminal building. However, there will be designated smoking area, which is outside the building.



Is the consumption of alcohol allowed during the trial?

No, consumption of alcohol is not allowed during the trial.


Do I need to have prior experience working at Changi Airport or travelled by plane before I qualify for the trial?

No, you do not need to have prior experience in travelling or working in Changi Airport to qualify. All are welcome to participate.


Can I bring my children for the trial?

As the trials can be quite physically demanding, we do not encourage you to bring along your kids. 


Can I participate in the trials if I do not understand English?

As instructions will be given in English, basic understanding of English is required for you to participate in the trials. 


Can I leave during the trials?

Each trial will start from 9am to 4pm. It is not advisable to leave in the middle of the trial

What will I get for participating in the trials?

You will have the chance to have the first hand experience of the latest Terminal 4 in Changi Airport. On top of that, we have also prepared a goodie bag to thank you for your time.



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