• Jewel Changi Airport and HUB & SPOKE has reopened to the public on 14 June 2021. 

    As for Changi's terminals, access will continue to be restricted only to passengers with air tickets and essential airport workers till further notice. This is to allow airport workers additional time to adapt to new staff zoning measures announced earlier.

    Drivers dropping off or picking up passengers should keep to departure kerbside or arrival pickup areas respectively. Entry to terminal building is not allowed.

    Changi Airport remains open for air travel during this period. Passengers should contact their airlines if they have questions on their travel plans.

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Filming and Photography Application Centre


Under the Infrastructure Protection Act 2017, Changi Airport and Seletar Airport are infrastructures protected under the Act.  

Under this Act, unauthorised photography, especially of sensitive areas within and around the airport which includes filming and live streaming of images, is strictly prohibited without the permission of Changi Airport Group (Pte) Ltd. In addition, any person found taking photographs of these areas may be directed to stop, delete,  destroy, surrender and/or seizure of photograph(s) taken and equipment(s) used for filming or photography.

All parties who wish to carry out filming or photography at Changi Airport will need to apply for a filming/photography permit from Changi Airport Group (CAG). 

In view of the comprehensive services provided, a fee is levied in advance for filming and photography.
Full payment is required at least one (1) working day before the actual filming date.
Fees stated below are on a per-day basis per application.

Type of Activity Landside  Transit and Airside   
Filming and/or Photography

S$80 for 1st day and $30 for every subsequent day

(per application and including application fee)

S$250 for 1st day and $200 for every subsequent day

 (per application and including application fee)


*Note: the usage of drones for filming and photography within Changi Airport vicinity requires a UA permit. Please click here for more information.