International Food Hall

24 Hours Dining
Food Courts
An international food hall boosting the collage of nine mini restaurants with cuisine ranging from Vietnamese, Japanese, Hong Kong and more! For diners craving fast food, familiar fast food brands such as Burger King can also be found here!

This elegant food court with luxurious seating and intricate décor is an interesting and comfortable pit stop before travelers transit to their next destination. Coupled with the added ease of the self-service ordering kiosks available, diners will be able to enjoy their meals more conveniently.

Stop by International Food Hall for a mouthwatering feast of international delights!



Level 2M, Departure Transit

Kaki Makan-24hr Pho Street- 24hr Burger King- 24hr Da Shanghai La Mian - 24hr Maruhachi - 7.30am -10.30pm Ramen King- 24hr Changi Hainanese Chicken Rice - 7.30am - 10.30pm Hong Kong Sheng Kee Noodle House - 24hr King of Fried Rice - 8.30am - 10.30pm