Healthy Snacks & Quick Bites in Singapore Changi Airport


Feeling peckish but not hungry enough to chow down an entire meal? Satiate the munchies by stopping for a quick bite near you! Grab a snack as you wait for your flight or keep your taste buds entertained as you explore the various attractions in one of the world’s best airports. Pick your snack of choice from our extensive list of outlets at Singapore Changi Airport to fill your empty bellies.


Terminal 2 is currently undergoing renovation and is closed until further notice. Stay tuned for the latest updates on upcoming eateries, attractions and stores!

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Healthy & Indulgent Quick Bites


Take a satisfactory bite out of a freshly-baked pretzel from Auntie Anne’s at Jewel and let the buttery notes and subtle spices take over your senses. For those who have a sweet tooth, let your taste bud settle in a sublime cream puff experience when you feast on a light and fluffy puff from Beard Papa’s at Terminal 3. Take refreshing to a new level when you indulge in the creative gelato flavours of Birds of Paradise at Jewel and enjoy the seamless blend of fruits, flowers, spices, nuts, and pods.


But who said that you need to sacrifice your health for a morsel of indulgence? You can opt for an invigorating poké bowl from Aloha Poké at Jewel if you wish to have something less decadent but equally satisfying. Better yet, head over to Boost Juice Bars at Jewel to get your much-needed boost with healthy fruit smoothies and snacks.

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If taste takes precedence in your book, immerse your senses in absolute indulgence with a good ole’ Taiwanese street food classic — generous portions of fried chicken cutlet from Devil Chicken at Jewel. For that added crunch, head down to Singapore’s very own Old Chang Kee at Jewel for a taste of simple yet equally delicious fried snacks. For matcha connoisseurs, 108 Matcha Saro at Terminal 3 is here to spoil you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Snacks & Quick Bites in Singapore Changi Airport

Kindly note that the opening hours may vary across all shops. If you are unsure, do refer to the specific food shop listings in our dining directory for more information. Otherwise, you may contact us if you have additional queries.


If you are looking to have a quick bite of gluten-free or dairy-free snacks, Singapore Changi Airport offers an extensive list of shops that can cater to your dietary requirements. For instance, enjoy a bite-sized mochi ice cream from Kane Mochi at Jewel - they are not only tasty, but are also gluten-free and made with zero preservatives. For those who are lactose-intolerant, you can also request for your Auntie Anne’s pretzel to be done without butter. You may also consider Birds of Paradise’s selection of dairy-free sorbets. Don’t miss their Coconut Sorbet and Mango Sorbet to combat the tiredness from all the walking and exploring!


Do note that it is best to inquire with the individual shops about their daily-free products before making your purchase.


Similarly, we also have a wide selection of halal snacks options available on our premises. Munch on Singaporean favourites at Old Chang Kee at Jewel and Terminal 3, or sink your teeth into a tantalizing slice of pizza at Pezzo in Terminal 1’s Transit area. Check out more halal snack options in our dining directory using the ‘Halal’ filter or look out for a halal certification issued by MUIS on store premises before making your selection.