Glamping at shiseido forest valley

Terms and Conditions

these terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) apply to the Glamping at shiseido forest valley Programme.



1.1.In these Terms & Conditions, the following words shall have the meanings as ascribed to them as follows:

Business day” means a day (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) on which banks generally are open for business in Singapore.

Contract means a contract for the Glamping Experience made between the Organiser and the Customer once the Customer’s booking on the Portal is accepted and confirmed by the Organiser, and subject to these Terms & Conditions.

Customer means the person who has submitted a booking for the Glamping Experience at Jewel Changi Airport via the Portal.

Customer Information” means information of the Customer and/or the Guests, that has been provided to the Organiser, whether through the Portal or otherwise, and includes the Personal Data of the Customer and/or the Guests and such other information as will enable the Organiser to provide the Glamping Experience to the Customer and/or Guest for the Period of Stay.

Deposit” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 4.3.

Force Majeure Event” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 13.1.

Equipment refers to the Glamping tents and all other camping and styling accessories and materials provided by the Organiser to the Customer and Guests for use during the Period of Stay, including the interior furnishings such as, but not limited to, all bedding, linen, and soft furnishing items and any other miscellaneous items.

GG SG means Go Glamping SG (Company Registration Number 53396979D), a company incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act (Cap.50), and which specialises in the provision of glamping experiences across different locations in Singapore.

Guests” means the Customer, and/or the registered persons/beneficiaries who will be experiencing/enjoying the Glamping Experience and using the Equipment during the Period of Stay, pursuant to the Contract.

Glamping Experience” means the glamorous camping experience in Jewel Changi Airport organised by the Organiser pursuant to the GLAMPING @ JEWEL Programme and made available for public booking via the Portal.

Glamping @ JEWEL Programme” refers to the Glamping experience in Jewel Changi Airport that is organised by the Organiser and with the assistance of its appointed vendor, GG SG.

“Glamping @ JEWEL Programme Updates” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 8.4.

GST means any Goods and Services Tax chargeable under the Goods and Services Tax Act (Cap.117A) of Singapore.

Indemnified Party” shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Clause 11.3.

JCAT” means Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte. Ltd. (Company Registration Number 201334181C), a company incorporated in Singapore under the Companies Act (Cap. 50) and acting in its capacity as Trustee Manager of Jewel Changi Airport Trust.

Organiser” mean JCAT.

Parties” means the Organiser, the Customer and all Guests collectively, and “Party” means any one of them.

Period of Stay” refers to the duration of the Glamping Experience for which the Customer has a confirmed fully paid booking, pursuant to a Contract. 

Personal Data” has the meaning set out in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of Singapore as may be amended, consolidated, re-enacted or replaced from time to time;

Portal” refers to the online website which facilitates the booking of the Glamping Experience, hosted by GlobalTix Pte. Ltd.

Privacy Policy” means the Organiser’s privacy policy which may be amended from time to time and which may be found at

1.2. Where the context so requires, the use of the masculine gender shall include the feminine and/or neuter genders and the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa.

1.3.The Organiser makes no representation, warranty or undertaking whatsoever as to any implied terms or conditions or as to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of any content or information contained on its official website, on the Portal or on any of the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme-related collaterals/materials. All information is accurate at time of print/publishing. The Organiser shall not be liable for any dissatisfaction, damages, loss, injury or inconvenience arising from any error in the materials published online or printed in relation to the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme.

1.4. The Organiser reserves the sole right and discretion to amend, modify or delete any content/information on its official website, on the Portal or on any Glamping @ JEWEL Programme-related collaterals/materials, and to vary or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time, without providing any prior notice. Any such changes to these Terms & Conditions shall be effective and binding once it has been updated on the Portal.

1.5. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms & Conditions and any other information relating to the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme contained on Jewel Changi Airport’s official website or on digital or print media collaterals, these Terms & Conditions shall prevail.

1.6. These Terms & Conditions may be translated into another language other than English. In the event of any inconsistency between the English language version and any other translation language hereof, the English language version shall prevail.

1.7.All decisions made by the Organiser regarding the interpretation and application of these Terms & Conditions shall be final and conclusive in each case.


2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

2.1 By submitting a booking application on the Portal, the Customer acknowledge he has read, understood and agreed to be bound (personally and on behalf of the Guests) by these Terms & Conditions, including all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications as may be made by the Organiser from time to time.

2.2. The Customer warrants that he/she has the capacity to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and to enter into a valid Contract. If the Customer is a minor or otherwise legally disabled, the Customer represents that a parent or legal guardian has consented on the Customers’ behalf to the use of the Portal to submit a booking for the Glamping and agrees to be legally responsible for the Contract.

2.3. The Customer acknowledges that the Terms & Conditions shall apart from binding the Customer, shall also be binding on all Guests and that the Customer agrees to indemnify the Organiser for any loss or damage suffered by the Organiser as a result of a breach of the Terms & Conditions by the Customer and/or the Guests.


3.  booking of your glamping experience

3.1. Booking on the Portal

3.1.1. To book a Glamping Experience, the Customer will have to submit a duly completed booking application and pay the booking fees on the Portal.

3.1.2. Bookings for the Glamping Experience is subject to availability. Customers will only be able to complete the booking application process and pay the booking fees on the Portal only if the dates which the Customer has selected is available. Each booking application is for one Glamping tent and each Glamping tent may only be booked for a Period of Stay of 1 night.

3.1.3. Customers will have to complete the required information fields in the booking application form before they are able to proceed to the payment page. The information in the booking application (which includes the personal particulars of the Customer/Guests and the selected date of stay for the Glamping Experience) is essential as it enables the Organiser to provide the Glamping Experience. In the event that the Customer fails to provide the requisite information during the booking application, such as for example, if the booking application did not contain a request for an additional bed, the Organiser may not be able to accede any such last minute request by the Customer/Guest.

3.1.4. The Organiser will not be held liable for any incorrect information provided by the Customer in the booking application.

3.1.5. Once a booking application is submitted via the Portal together with the payment of the booking fees have been paid by the Customer, it will be deemed to be an unconditional and irrevocable offer and the Organiser shall be entitled (but not obliged) to process and accept the booking without the Customer’s further consent of the Customer.

3.1.6. The Organiser reserves the right to reject any booking application at its sole and absolute discretion and without having to provide any reason. Without prejudice to the foregoing, bookings may be rejected by the Organiser in the following scenarios: (a) non-compliance by the Customer of any conditions specified at the time of the booking; (b) inability to process payment for whatever reason; (c) the unavailability of Glamping Event on the dates selected; or (d) any errors that have been made on the Portal or any errors made in connection with the Customer’s booking.

3.1.7. Bookings made by the Customer shall only be considered accepted by the Organiser when the Organiser issues a booking confirmation to the Customer via the Portal or via email to the Customer’s email address provided in the booking application, acknowledging and confirming the Customer’s booking for the Glamping Experience. In such an event, a valid and binding Contact shall be deemed have formed between the Organisers and the Customer.

3.1.8. The Customer further represents and warrants at the time of submitting the booking application that:

a. he has provided all information required on the Portal accurately and shall offer all necessary co-operation in order for the Organiser to fulfil its obligations under these Terms & Conditions;

b. all data or information submitted by the Customer on the Portal do not contain any electronic virus or other similar malicious electronic code;

c. the Customer’s use of the Portal does not and will not contravene any law, rule, regulation, judgment, decree, permit, authorisation, policy or directive (in each case, whether or not having the force of law) which is binding on or otherwise applicable to the Customer or to which he is subject; and

d. the Customer is 18 year of age or older and is of legally capacity to enter into binding contracts when submitting the booking application on the Portal.

COVID-19-related declarations

e. all Guests have not travelled abroad (i.e. to any countries outside of Singapore) in the past 14 days prior to the commencement of the Period of Stay;

f.  all Guests do not have any of the following symptoms: flu, fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or loss of taste / smell;

g. all Guests have not in the past 14 days prior to the commencement of the Period of Stay, come in close contact with someone who is a confirmed COVID-19 case; or is part of a COVID-19 cluster;

h. all Guests did not come in contact with someone who has returned from abroad (i.e. from any countries outside of Singapore) and who is not feeling well in the 14 days prior to the commencement of the Period of Stay; and

i. all Guests are not placed on Leave of Absence or served with a Stay Home Notice for any part prior to the Period of the Stay. 

3.2. Prices and Payment

3.2.1.  The Customer shall pay the booking fees for the Glamping Experience that is specified on the Portal. All listed prices are subject to GST and other taxes, unless otherwise stated. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the listing prices at any time without giving any reason or prior notice.

3.2.2. The Customer shall complete payment by selecting one of the payment methods on the Portal. The Customer’s booking will only be completed only after payment has been made. All payments are subject to the terms of use as stipulated by the payments processing agent.

3.2.3. In the event of a pricing error on the Portal and notwithstanding that a Customer has completed the payment process, the Organiser reserves the right to correct the pricing error and (where applicable) charge the Customer for the difference in the pricing (between the correct price and the erroneous price) for the Glamping Experience. In such an event, a Customer will be given the option to either pay the difference in amount or choose to cancel the booking and receive a full refund.


4. Check-in, Check-out & Deposit

4.1.1. All Guests are to adhere to the check-in and check-out timing follows:


Time Slot


2359 hrs


0900 hrs

Guests may be allowed to check-in earlier, subject to the directions of the Organiser and notified to Guests via notification signages placed at the check-in counter.

4.2. All check-ins and check-outs are at L1 Concierge in Jewel Changi Airport and timings are subject to change by the Organiser without prior notice.

4.3. At check-in, Guests are to provide their National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or Passport for verification. Guests may also be required to place a $100 refundable deposit in cash (“Deposit”) for each Glamping tent booked.  If a Deposit is collected, it will be refunded in full upon check-out provided that there are no damages to the Equipment.

4.4. In case of any late check-in, the Customer shall notify the Organiser at the earliest available opportunity so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

4.5. To enable proper cleaning and disinfecting of the Equipment, the Organisers are unable to provide early check-in or late check-out. Guests are to co-operate to check-out on time. In the event of late check-out, additional charges may apply and will billed to the Customer, or will be deducted from the Deposit (if any).

4.6. No compensation or refunds will be provided should Guests check-in late and/or check-out early.

4.7.  Guests should conduct checks on all Equipment upon check-in and inform the Organiser immediately of any damage discovered or if they are having issues with any Equipment. Guests should not attempt to repair any faulty or damage Equipment as there will be staff onsite to assist the Guests.

4.8.  Guests shall keep the Equipment in as good a state and condition as they were at the commencement of the Period of Stay (fair wear and tear excepted). Guest shall be responsible for any damage to or loss of the Equipment discovered at the end of the Period of Stay. The Organiser reserves the right to charge the Guests for the repairs or replacements costs arising from any damaged or lost Equipment and the Organiser reserves the right to set-off this amount against the Deposit (if any). Guests shall indemnify the Organiser in respect of any loss or damage to the Equipment (fair wear and tear excepted).

4.9. All Guests shall ensure that the accommodation is left reasonably clean and tidy. The Organiser reserves the right to impose on Guests and to deduct from the Deposit (if any), the cost of any additional cleaning (other than routine cleaning) that may be required as a result of Guests’ non-compliance with this Clause.


5. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Restrictions

5.1. All Guests shall comply with, in addition to these Terms & Conditions, all laws, regulations, rules and guidelines of the Organiser that are applicable to the Glamping Experience.

5.2. Guests shall use the Glamping tents only for the purpose of an overnight stay during the Period of Stay and not for any other purpose(s).

5.3. Only Guests who have been registered during the booking application process may enjoy the Glamping Experience. Guests shall not invite any person who is not registered to stay in the Glamping tent for the Period of Stay. For the avoidance of doubt, there shall be no more than 5 people (including all Guests) in any Glamping tent at any one point in time

5.4. Guests shall not bring any pets for the Glamping Experience.

5.5. Guests must not use or conduct within the Glamping tent, any activity which is dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal or immoral or which may be a nuisance or annoyance to any other guests of Jewel Changi Airport.


6. Safety and Security of belongings

6.1. While the Organiser will endeavour to ensure that all Guests have a safe and enjoyable Glamping Experience, all Guests should be responsible for the safety and security of their own belongings/property during the Period of Stay.


7. Cancellation and/ or Changes in Booking

7.1. Once a booking confirmation has been issued by the Organiser, no refund will be provided in the event that the Customer decides to cancel the booking. Cancellation of a booking by a Customer after a booking confirmation has been issued would be deemed to be a termination of the Contract by the Customer.

7.2. If a Customer and/or Guests are unable to make it for the confirmed date of stay for the Glamping Experience, the Customer may, provided that there is not less than 14 days from the selected date of stay, submit a written request to the Organiser to amend their booking to another date of stay. All written requests to amend a confirmed booking is subject to availability and the sole discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser may impose an administrative fee for any amendments to a confirmed booking.

7.3. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel any booking confirmation notwithstanding a Contract having be formed, if for whatever reason it is unable to fulfil the booking confirmation or is unable to provide the complete Glamping Experience to Customer/Guests, whether due to a Force Majeure Event or otherwise. In such an event, the Organiser shall either refund the Customer the booking fees paid (though the same payment method made on the Portal during the booking application process) or offer the Customer/Guests a complimentary stay at YotelAir, Singapore Changi Airport (subject to availability and the terms and conditions of YotelAir, Singapore Changi Airport), upon which the Contract shall forthwith be deemed to be terminated. Save for the foregoing, the Organiser shall not be liable to the Customer/Guests for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the termination of the Contract by the Organiser pursuant to Clause 7.3. 


8.  Personal Data and Privacy

8.1. Participation in the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme will require the collection, use, processing and disclosure of Personal Data (such as full name; gender; birthdate; postal code; mobile number; email address; nature of relationship (for registered Guests)). By submitting the relevant data fields on the Portal and clicking on “I have read and I agree to the Terms and Conditions”, Customers consent to the Organiser’s collection, use and disclosure (to its subsidiaries, affiliates, service providers, partners and vendors where required) of the Customer Information for the purposes of conducting and administering the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme in Jewel Changi Airport; providing and facilitating the Glamping Experience; matching of Personal Data collected from the Portal with other data that the Organiser has in its other databases so as to optimise business operations and improve service standards; conducting statistical analysis so as to improve the products and services offered; providing relevant and personalised content to Customers via their mobile number or email address registered on the Portal and for the Organiser to fulfil its obligations under these Terms & Conditions (collectively the “Relevant Purposes”); in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, all applicable privacy laws and Jewel Changi Airport’s Privacy Policy.

8.2.  Customers acknowledge and agree (and on behalf of their registered Guest) that their and their registered Guests’ Personal Data may be used, processed and/or disclosed by the Organiser for the following non-exhaustive instances as part of the Relevant Purposes:

a. processing and confirming the booking application for the Glamping Experience;

b. verifying the identity of the Customer and Guests for the purposes of the check-in and check-out process;

c. responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests and feedback from Customers and Guests in relation to the Glamping Experience;

d. processing payment or credit transactions for the booking fees on the Portal;

e. facilitating safe entry access management, personalising guest experience, and improving operational process for safety and security;

f. complying with any applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines, or rules, or to assist in law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental and/or regulatory authority, related to the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme;

g. transmitting to any unaffiliated third parties including third party service providers and agents, and relevant governmental and/or regulatory authorities, for the aforementioned purposes; and

h. any other incidental business purposes related to or in connection with the aforementioned purposes, or related to the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme.

8.3. The Customer represent and warrant that their (and their registered Guests) Personal Data which they disclose to the Organiser via the Portal is complete and accurate. The Organiser shall not be held liable and shall be fully indemnified by the Customer for any incorrect or inaccurate Personal Data provided. Where the Customer has provided the Personal Data of a third party (such as the Guests), Passholders represent and warrant that they have obtained the consent from such third party and shall be deemed to have full authority to disclose such third party’s Personal Data to the Organiser on the Portal. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Organiser for any unauthorised disclosure of Personal Data of such third parties.

8.4. The Customer consents to the Organiser communicating to them information about the Glamping Experience; transactional announcements and service announcements related to the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme; and amendments to these Terms & Conditions (the “Glamping @ JEWEL Programme Updates”) via the mobile number or the email address registered on the Portal.

8.5. If the Customer has opted in for additional marketing and promotional content by selecting “I agree to receive marketing, advertising and promotional information via: Email/SMS” on the Portal during the booking process, the Customer hereby also consents to receiving Additional Shopping Offers via their mobile number or email address registered on the Portal. A Customer may at any time, unsubscribe from the Additional Shopping Offers by updating their subscription preferences by clicking on “unsubscribe” located at the bottom of the Additional Shopping Offers communication or by writing in to us at the contact information provided below. Passholders should note that they will continue to receive Glamping @ JEWEL Programme Updates even if he has opted out of receiving the Additional Shopping Offers. In the event that the Customer also wishes to unsubscribe from the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme Updates, he may do so by similar means as described above. However, the Customer should note that should he choose to do so, he would not be able to enjoy the full benefits or privileges of the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme in Jewel Changi Airport.

8.6. To promote and advertise the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme, the Organiser reserves the right to engage authorised photographers and videographers to take photographs and/or video recordings of the Customer (and their registered Guests) at the Glamping Experience in Jewel Changi Airport. By participating in the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme, the Customer consent (and on behalf of their registered Guests) to being photographed and recorded by authorised photographers and videographers at the Glamping Experience venues in Jewel Changi Airport and consent to the Organiser’s use of such images, films or recordings for creating marketing and publicity materials for public transmission.

8.7. The Customer agrees to (and on behalf of the Guests) fully indemnify the Organiser against any loss or damage that may result from a breach of Clause 8.


9. The Organiser’s Warranties

9.1.  Provided Clauses 9.3 is satisfied, the Organiser warrants that it will, in fulfilment of the Contract:

a. provide the Equipment for use by the Guests at the agreed Glamping Experience venue for the Period of Stay, as set out in the Contract;

b. ensure that all Equipment provided to the Customer is in acceptable working order; and

c. endeavour to provide the Glamping Experience to Guests based on the check-in / check-out timing as stated in these Terms & Conditions.

9.2. In the event where unforeseen circumstances arises such that the stipulated check-in / check-out timing cannot be adhered with (e.g. late set up/arrangements), the Organiser will not provide refunds of the booking fees but may, at the Organiser’s absolute discretion, provide reasonable compensation such as Jewel Changi Airport gift vouchers to Guests.

9.3. The Glamping @ JEWEL Programme is conditional on the Organiser obtaining all requisite licenses and/or permits from regulatory authorities to conduct the Glamping Experience in Jewel Changi Airport.

9.4. While the Organiser will endeavour its best efforts to apply for these licenses and permits, it cannot guarantee that such licenses and permits will be obtained. In such an event, the Organiser reserves the right to terminate all Contracts pursuant to Clause 7.3.


10. The Organiser’s Rights of Eviction and entry

10.1.  Rights to Evict: The Organiser reserves the right to ask the Guests to leave Jewel Changi Airport (without any compensation being paid) if it deems it necessary in the event of any breach of these Terms & Conditions by the Guest or if the behavior of the Guests endangers the safety of other guests or members of staff.

10.2. Right of Entry: The Organiser reserves the right to enter the Glamping Tent of the Guests for such any reasonable duration as may be required and for such reasonable purposes for access as determined by the Organiser. Reasonable purposes for access includes providing any (internal and external) remedial repairs to the Equipment that may be required or for any inspection or investigations. All Guests shall allow the Organiser and its authorised agents to enter the Glamping tent.

10.3.  Enforcement of Terms & Conditions: The Organiser reserves the rights to enforce these Terms & Conditions against all Guests for any non-compliance of these Terms & Conditions.


11. Liability and Indemnity

11.1.      Customers and Guests acknowledges that the Organiser shall not be held liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under the Contract arising from any cause or event beyond the Organiser’s reasonable control, and the Customer agrees not to hold the Organiser liable in any way for any damages or any losses that may arise in relation thereto.

11.2.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Organiser shall not be liable in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, cost and expense or loss of profits/earnings, arising out of or in connection with:

a.  any delay, corruption or destruction of data or systems (including but not limited to those caused by any virus or other malicious code), transmission error or inaccessibility of the Portal (arising from the upgrading or modification of the Portal or due to system downtime);

b. the Customer’s access or use of the Portal;

c.  the Customer and/or Guests’ improper use of Equipment;

d.  the Customer and/or Guests’ wilful or negligent acts or omissions; or

e.  the Customer and Guests’ participation in the Glamping @ JEWEL Programme.

11.3. The Customer and all Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser and its directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors (including its appointed vendor GG SG, its property manager Jewel Changi Airport Devt Pte Ltd and their employees) (each an “Indemnified Party”) from and against all claims, demands, chose in action, judgments, suits, proceedings, liabilities, costs, expenses, damages and losses, including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential losses, loss of profit, loss of reputation and all interest, penalties, legal costs (calculated on a full indemnity basis and including solicitor and client costs) and all other costs and expenses suffered or incurred by an Indemnified Party arising out of or in connection with the Customer and/or Guests’ wilful acts, negligent acts or omissions; and/or any breach of these Terms & Conditions.


12. Notices

12.1. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, all notices to be provided by the Organiser to the Customer shall be deemed to be duly served on the Customer if such notice was sent by:

a. Telephone message (SMS, WhatsApp or similar messaging service) to the contact number provided by the Customer on the Portal; or

b. Electronic mail (email) to the email address provided by the Customer on the Portal.

12.2. The Customer is solely responsible for notifying the Organiser of any changes to the contact information provided on the Portal.

12.3. Where these Terms & Conditions provide for the Organiser to notify the Customer by posting a notice on the Portal:

a. such posting on the Portal shall constitute sufficient notice to the Customer; and

b. such notice shall, unless otherwise specified, take effect from the time of posting on the Portal.

12.4. All notices from the Customer shall be served on the Organiser:

a. By Post, to:

Jewel Changi Airport Trustee Pte Ltd

As Trustee Manager of Jewel Changi Airport Trust

78 Airport Boulevard #B3-200

Singapore 819666

Attention: User Experience Department


b. By Email, to:

Attention: User Experience Department

12.5.  All notices served under Clause 12.4 shall be deemed to be duly served:

a. if sent by registered post, at 9.00 am on the third (3rd) Business Day after posting; or

b. if it is sent by email, at the time of transmission provided no delivery failure or out of office notification is received and in either case provided the time of transmission is between the hours of 9.00 am and 5.00 pm on a Business Day and if transmission takes place outside such hours, the communication shall be deemed served on the next Business Day.


13. Force Majeure

13.1. The Organiser shall not be liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses resulting from any its failure to perform its obligations under this Contract if such failure results from a cause or causes beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser, including but not limited to, government regulations, threat of terrorism, war, labour trouble, strikes, fire, natural disasters, risk of infection, quarantine orders and precautions, epidemic/ pandemic outbreaks, casualties or inability beyond the Organisers reasonable control (each a “Force Majeure Event”).

13.2. If the Organiser is prevented by a Force Majeure Event from performing or observing its obligations under this Terms & Conditions, the Organiser will, on a best efforts basis, seek to remove, remedy or mitigate the cause or effect of the Force Majeure Event, and if such actions to remedy or mitigate the Force Majeure Event is unsuccessful, the Organiser shall be released from the performance or observance of the Terms & Conditions to the extent that such performance or observance is prevented by the Force Majeure Event.



14.1. Integrity, Security and Availability of Portal: The Organiser does not guarantee that the availability of the Portal or the uninterrupted or satisfactory use of the Portal by the Customer. The Organiser make no representations and warranties, and disclaim all representations and warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the Portal and its contents, including but not limited to, the accuracy, completeness, reliability, timeliness, non-infringement of proprietary rights, title, merchantability, satisfactory quality, suitability for any particular purpose, availability of the Portal, and that the Portal is free of virus or other harmful elements. Any losses incurred or sustained by the Customer in using the Portal and/or in transmitting payment information shall be borne solely and exclusively by the Customer and in no event shall any such losses in whole or in part be borne by the Organiser. If the Customer is using a public computer, the Customer shall ensure that he signs out from the Portal once he has completed his use of the Portal.

14.2. Waiver and Remedies: No failure on the part of the Organiser to exercise, and no delay on its part in exercising any right or remedy under this Terms & Conditions will operate as a waiver thereof, nor will any single or partial exercise of any right or remedy preclude any other or further exercise thereof or the exercise of any other right or remedy. The rights provided in this Terms & Conditions are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

14.3. Assignment/Transfer: The Customer shall not assign or transfer his/her rights or obligations under these Terms & Conditions or any part thereof, without the prior written consent of the Organiser. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is acknowledged by the Organiser that the Customer may book the Glamping Experience for the benefit of the Customer’s registered Guests, and who by virtue of these Terms & Conditions, be deemed to be a party hereto.

14.4. Third Party Rights: Other than the Parties hereto, a person or entity who is not a party to these Terms & Conditions has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce these Terms & Conditions.

14.5. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution: These Terms & Conditions shall be construed and governed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. The Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

(Version dated 17/11/2020)