Craft Beer Appreciation at Changi Lounge
Craft Beer Appreciation at Changi Lounge
Craft Beer Appreciation at Changi Lounge

Craft Beer Appreciation Festival

Bond with your friends over ice-cold beer and comfort pub grub! At Changi Lounge’s Craft Beer Appreciation Festival, enjoy an exciting range of unique craft beer flavours and learn about the craft of brewing. Running every Friday and Saturday evening for over four weeks starting from 17 September to 9 October 2021, each weekend’s run will feature a unique beer experience with a different renowned local craft beer brand. Taking over the Changi Lounge bar each different week are the well-loved names of RedDot Brewhouse, Brewerkz, Brewlander and Lion Brewery Co.

In the luxurious comfort of the lounge, sit back and relax, as you enjoy the ice-cold beers from a selection of six one-of-a-kind craft flavours featuring a range signature and seasonal brews. Try out a range of exciting local tastes such as Yuzu Craze Pilsner, Chrysanthemum Rum Lager, Oatmeal Stout, Mango Salad Gose, and discover the surprises behind the intriguing creations the likes of Circuit Breaker, Afterburner and Love! Learn more about the craft of brewing and brush up your connoisseur skills through sharing by the brewmasters and brand ambassadors.

RedDot Brewhouse

One of the pioneers of the craft beer scene in Singapore, RedDot Brewhouse is founded by Ernest Ng's pure passion and fondness for homebrewed beer. At this event starring his daughter, Crystalla Huang, who is also Singapore's first certified female brewmaster, she will share about the eccentric and original beer flavours that recounts stories of her life.

Ever tried a sparkling green beer? Or how does the combination of tea and alcohol sound? Try out her Monster Green Lager and Chrysanthemum Rum, among other signatures at this session!

Event Time

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm (please arrive 10 minutes before for registration)
  • Party on till 10pm with delectable pub grub and MORE beer!!!

Tasters included (160ml each, including 2 draft beers on tap): 

  1.  Monster Green Lager (ABV 5.5%)
    • With it’s green look naturally coming from the chlorophyll content of spirulina. Being high in protein, this beer gives off tones of biscuit and champagne. This gastronomical experience that’s clean and light will definitely leave you wanting more!​
  2. Yuzu Craze Pilsner (ABV 5.0%)
    • The Yuzu Craze Lager, like the name suggests. It gives off a burst of refreshing yuzu in this easy to drink Pilsner, this vibrant beer hits all the right notes without overwhelming the palate. A must-try for any who claims to be a citrus lover!
  3. Chrysanthemum Rum Lager (ABV 5.0%)
    • Taking Chinese dinners to the next level. This beer is born from deconstructing the elements of white chrysanthemum & rum to bring you this special lager. Taste the fragrant floral note, with hints of coconut, white rum, tannins, chamomile followed by a perfect aromatic alcoholic palate cleanser!
  4. India Pale Ale (ABV 5.8%)
    • Hoppy British style pale ale with a dry finish and a hoppy aroma and a balanced hop and malt flavor.​
  5. Summer Ale (ABV 4.5%)
    • The Summer Ale is a cure for the summer spell, this exhilarating synergy of ingredients makes it a beer for any time of the day. It is floral, fruity, herbal on the nose along with a malty backbone, this beer is well balanced with a smooth yet dry finish!
  6. Dream Milk Stout (ABV 4.5%)
    • Rich, roasted and chocolaty with a smooth finish.




As Singapore's longest running craft brewey, Brewerkz is a familiar brand to many. It started off as a brewpub in 1997, and after years of expansion and growing the brand, Brewerkz now operates a brewery, brews their own craft beer and caters for large-scale outdoorevents. 

Hear from the award-winning brewery on what inspires some of their innovative creations, including Afterburner - a beer brewed in collaboration with aviation professionals for Singapore Airshow 2020, as well as Circuit Breaker. The brand will also be launching a new flavour at this event - be the first to try! 

Event Time:

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm (please arrive 10 minutes before for registration)
  • Party on till 10pm with delectable pub grub and MORE beer!!!

Tasters included (160ml each, including draft beers on tap): 

  1. Afterburner (ABV 5.0%)
    • Brewed specially for Singapore Airshow 2020, in collaboration with aviation professionals. A classic pale ale with a distinct hoppy fragrance, it leaves a refreshing lip-smacking honeydew and pine aftertaste. This ale has mood-lifting properties, it may launch happy feelings at supersonic speeds.
  2. Circuit Breaker (ABV 5.5%)
    • A revolutionary substyle of IPA brewed with heaps of oats and wheat, creating a soft and silky mouthfeel. Exceptionally tropical with hints of mango, cempedak and pineapple.
  3. Golden Ale (ABV 4.9%)
    • This popular brew is a clean, crisp, richly golden-hued ale made with premium British malts and specially selected varieties of hops. Its balanced biscuit maltiness is accented by a smooth bitterness, with a mild floral and citrus flavour.
  4. Oatmeal Stout (ABV 5.5%)
    • This variation of the original features more intense notes of fresh roasted coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Oats provide a silky smooth mouthfeel to round out the finish.
  5. Oktoberfest (ABV TBC)
    • Be surprised! A special brew coming to you soon!
  6. Soon-to-launch! (ABV TBC) 
    • Be surprised! A special brew coming to you soon!


A homegrown brewery founded by award-winning home-brewer, John Wei, Brewlander is one of Singapore's leading craft breweries. Once known as Singapore's first gypsy brewer, the brand recently opened its very own brewery in Singapore with a Tasting Room!

At this event, Brewlander's ambassador will impart knowledge on beer appreciation, the difference between lager, ale, IPA and porter, as well as why they name their beer styles after emotions! Get ready to experience Love (India Pale Ale), Joy (a session IPA) among other signatures!

Event Time:

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm (please arrive 10 minutes before for registration)
  • Party on till 10pm with delectable pub grub and MORE beer!!!

Tasters included (160ml each, including draft beers on tap): 

  1. LOVE IPA (ABV 6.0%)
    • Love explodes with a beautiful tropical medley of pineapple, mango and passion fruit aromas finishing with a long, clean hoppy bitterness. The mouthfeel is silky and teases with a hint of tartness. This beer's enticing fruity aromas will make you fall in love!
  2. Freedom Lager (ABV 4.7%)
    • Brewlander Freedom is brewed with premium European Pilsner malts and hopped with modern noble-like varietals such as Green Bullet Pacific Crest. This unfiltered lager celebrates finesse and elegance, showcasing a soft delicate malt profile with a balanced noble hop aroma to create a refreshing and crushable beer.
  3. Joy IPA (ABV 4.5%)
    • Packed with hops, this beer is massively quaffable, citrusy, and a great way to start the evening. Joy is when you have all the flavours in a beer that you can keep drinking, and drinking... responsibly please.
  4. Respect Porter (ABV 5.8%)
    • A full-bodied Porter, showcasing rich coffee and cacao notes, with a hit of elderberry flavour from Willamette hops.
  5. Mango Salad Gose (ABV 5.0%)
    • A mango assault on your palate, complimented with flavours from Habanero chili, Basil and Mint. Truly a unique beer that pushes boundaries and breaks the rules, something that Brewlander takes pride in!
  6. Seasonal XPA (ABV 5.0%)
    • A modern take on a pale ale using extra pale malts which gives a very neutral malt presence. The idea is to create a clean neutral foundation and sets the centre stage for the lovely Azacca and Chinook hops to express its mango, stone fruit and citrus qualities. Finishes dry and every sip refreshing.

Lion Brewery Co

Brewery Co is a Singaporean craft brewery with British heritage. Reborn in Singapore in 2018, Lion's brews are all natural with absolutely no additives, and are brewed using eco-conscious brewing methods. In fact, the brewery created the little red dot's first carbon negative beer!

At this event, Lion Brewery Co will share how they grow from brewing beer in a kitchen, to an established brand locally today. With their beer made from natural ingredients and using cold chain logistics to ensure the highest quality, freshest beer, participants will be guaranteed a refreshing good time!

Event Time:

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm (please arrive 10 minutes before for registration)
  • Party on till 10pm with delectable pub grub and MORE beer!!!

Tasters included (160ml each, including draft beers on tap): 

  1. Island Lager (ABV 4.7%)
    • A thirst-quenching pilsner made for the tropics. Clean, crisp, and dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc for an elderflower and pine aroma. Smooth and unpasteurised, making for a delicious, highly sinkable beer.
  2. Straits Pale Ale (ABV 4.5%)
    • Flavourful, refreshing pale ale brewed for the hot equatorial climate and enjoyed the world over. Single-hopped with Citra at both the bittering and dry-hop stages for notes of lychee and citrus fruits. Well-balanced with dry golden tones and a moderate alcohol content, making for an extremely sessionable beer.
  3. NE Session IPA (ABV 4.8%)
    • This is an old classic, revolutionised. Hazy ale with fresh citrus fruit aromas and ripe mango and grapefruit flavours. A blended base of rolled oats, flaked wheat and malted barley present a full-bodied mouthfeel. Dry-hopped with classic Mosaic and Amarillo hops for a soft finish of tropical notes. A juicy, unfiltered, all-natural brew, our New England Session IPA provides flavours at full blast with a refreshing 4.8% ABV, a beer that is the best of both worlds.
  4.  Sabro XPA (ABV 4.5%)
    • A refreshing and hoppy beer. Bittered and dry-hopped using powerful Sabro hops, for a mango and passionfruit aroma and smooth tangerine flavour notes with a hint of coconut. Brew #01 of our Singapore Sessions brews, Sabro XPA is brewed using Kveik specialty yeast. Bright, citrusy, and made for sunshine drinking.
  5. Leon De Oro (ABV 4.5%)
    • Brewed with 100% English Malt – a blend of Marris Otter, Naked Oat, and a touch of Chocolate Malt – this brew has a nice toasty biscuit and subtle chocolate profile. Deep copper hues belie a punchy aroma of honey and ripe mango, all underpinned by a soft carbonation and creamy mouthfeel. Single hopped with El Dorado – so named for the mystical lost city of gold – this hybrid brew is a treasure just waiting to be enjoyed. Well Worth The Journey.
  6. Surprise Brew (ABV TBC)
    • A special brew hot off the brewhouse! Be one of the first to try! 

Delectable Pub Grub

Don't fancy drinking on an empty stomach? Fret not! Add on an assorted party platter that's perfect to share among 2 to 3 friends! From crispy Mexican wings, Popcorn chicken and Tempura Fish Nuggets that are deep fried to perfection, to savoury Tsukune balls, Assorted Vege sticks and Prawn crackers, these finger licking snacks are the best match with beers! 

 Pre-book your party platter online to enjoy savings! 

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