• Due to an upcoming private event in Jewel, there will be a partial closure of the Forest Valley on 15 and 16 Oct, a full closure of the Forest Valley and the Rain Vortex on 17 and 18 Oct, and a closure of the Canopy Bridge on 18 Oct.  More
  • From 22 Oct 2019, 0000hrs, all Scoot flights arrive at Terminal 1. All Scoot flights depart from Terminal 1 from 22 Oct 2019, 0515hrs onwards. 

Terminal M - Multi-concept Food Hall

For a rich taste of oriental fare, head to Terminal M for a plentiful mix of Asian cuisines. With six stalls offering foods from countries across Asia like Korea, China, and Japan, each stall has dishes that you will love with each of its distinctive flavours and textures. From the hot and spicy to the soupy and simple, there is a dish for everyone. It is simply a myriad of regional tastes that will excite every taste bud! So go on and choose from its wide range of regional cuisines across Asia today.



Basement 2

Opening hours:
10:30 AM-11:00 PM