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Interested to learn more about Changi Airport? Sign up for our 'Getting to know Changi' tour!

Adult visitors will gain a better understanding of how Changi Airport pivoted our business during Covid-19, as well as why Changi stayed opened during this period, to keep Singapore connected to the world.

The tour comprises a sit-down presentation, followed by a bus tour in the airside of Changi Airport, where visitors will get to see areas behind-the-scene.

For Singapore-based organisations, you can sign up for Changi’s airport tours now!


Missed Changi Airport’s gardens? Experience them through virtual tours

Experience Changi’s gardens in the comfort of your home, through 360-degree virtual tours. Discover over 100 species of cacti at the Cactus Garden, step into a butterfly sanctuary and more!

Remember to enable audio for the full experience!

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Things to do (and play) at Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park

With the opening of Canopy Park, there's even more to do (and play) at Jewel Changi Airport. Read on to discover some of the key attractions!

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