Welcome to the all-new Terminal 2 (T2), where nature meets modernity. T2 seamlessly merges the realms of architecture and landscape. The terminal’s carpet mirrors natural topography to guide your path, while clouds dance on the ceilings above. By incorporating natural materials and hues, the terminal aims to engender serenity for passengers and visitors alike.

Inaugurated in 1991, the terminal underwent a three-and-a-half-year transformation journey in 2020 to increase handling capacity, enhance facilities and bring in more efficient systems.  

Join us at the refreshed T2!


7 Best Things to Check Out at the Refreshed Terminal 2

Changi Airport T2 has undergone a remarkable makeover, redefining the travel experience for passengers.                                                                                                                                                              

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Terminal 2 – Commences operations in the northern wing

The start of operations in the northern wing of T2 brings Changi’s overall capacity to 90 million passengers per annum (mppa). T2’s handling capacity has increased by five mppa to 28 mppa. 

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Terminal 2 has been reopening progressively since May 2022 after closing for engineering and expansion works in May 2020. The terminal provides capacity to serve an increasing number of passengers since international borders restrictions were eased.  

The refreshed T2 boasts a contemporary design inspired by nature. With the extensive use of natural materials for wall cladding and flooring, coupled with giant green columns displaying a unique plant palette, T2 evokes a sense of calm, relaxation, and a touch of magic for for passengers and visitors alike.