To save a flight successfully, ensure that all notifications for the Changi app are enabled. 

To enable notifications on your mobile (iOS users)

  1. Open settings on your mobile

  2. Select “notifications” 

  3. Click on the Changi App 

  4. Select “Allow notifications” 


To enable notifications on your mobile (Android users)

  1. Open your phone's Settings app

  2. Tap Notifications  App settings

  3. Tap “All apps” and find “Changi App”

  4. Turn on notifications for “Changi App” 

After enabling notificiations on your mobile device, ensure notifications are enabled on the Changi App. 


1. Open Changi App 

2. Go to More (extreme right icon on the bottom navigation bar) 

3. Tap Settings (bottom of the page) 

4. Turn on all notifications for those you wish to receive


To save a future flight on Changi App, please perform the following steps: 

1. Click on the "fly" tab on your navigation bar

2. Enter your flight number or scan your boarding pass under the search bar

3. Click on "view more flights"

4. Select the calendar button on the top right of the page

5. Filter the dates to your departure/arrival day

6. Click on "save flight" button under flight details page

There may be a slight time difference between the airlines notifying you, and their latest flight schedules updates being reflected in the database where Changi App obtains flight information. If your airline has notified you directly about changes to your flight details, the same details will be made available as soon as the updates are received by our backend database.

Please give some time for changes in flight details to be reflected on the Changi App. Alternatively, do check directly with your airline(s) for their latest flight information.

Here's how to: 

1. Open your Changi App 

2. Click on the "fly" page on the bottom navigation bar 

3. Under the "flights" page, you will be able to see your saved flight at the top of the page 

4. Click on "x" button of your saved flight


 Thank you for using the Changi App.
Stay tuned for more exciting features and latest updates! 

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