Fast Food Restaurants & Chains At Singapore Changi Airport


Take a gastronomic journey across your favourite fast food restaurants when you pay a visit to Singapore Changi Airport. Have your pick of mouth-watering morsels from the best international fast food chains and grab a quick bite to go before you explore the endless attractions and retail outlets across Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and Jewel.


Terminal 2 is currently undergoing renovation and is closed until further notice. Stay tuned for the latest updates on upcoming eateries, attractions and stores!

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International Fast Food Favourites


An amazing assortment of international fast food chains is waiting for you right here in Changi Airport. Dive into your fast food fantasy at Jewel with 100% all-natural Angus beef burgers at Southeast Asia’s first Shake Shack, customisable made-to-order halal sandwiches at Subway, and a unique Norwegian take on salmon at Pink Fish. If you aren’t satisfied yet, head over to Terminal 1 for more juicy burgers at Burger King, available in both the Public and Transit areas.

Asian-Inspired Fast Food Options for the Whole Family


If you aren’t craving Western-style burgers and sandwiches at the moment, don’t worry. Visit Jewel to try Kko Kko Nara’s authentic Korean casual and fast food dishes including fried chicken, bibimbap, and ramen. Located nearby, MOS Cafe also offers a healthier version of popular fast food chain MOS Burger’s regular menu, featuring dishes laden with fresh fruits and vegetables in a vibrant, cafe-like setting. Sit down for a delicious family-friendly meal with the kids, or check out our latest dining promotions at Changi Airport and Jewel to start planning your foodie feast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Food Restaurants In Singapore Changi Airport

Selected fast food restaurants in Changi Airport have received official halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) including A&W and KFC at Jewel, and Burger King at Terminal 1 and Jewel. Look out for the official MUIS-issued certificate displayed within the eatery’s premises for assurance of their halal certification, or check out other listings of halal-certified dining options in Changi Airport in our dining directory.


Changi Airport has a variety of 24-hour fast food and dining options available for late-night visitors. Pay a visit to A&W for classic Americana fare including burgers and hot dogs, or satisfy your cravings for something sweeter with An Acai Affair’s beautiful acai bowls - both located in Jewel.


If you’re transiting through Changi Airport and looking for a quick snack, we’ve got the fast food you need to fuel up before the next leg of your journey. Recharge with Burger King’s mouth-watering burgers at Terminal 1’s Departure Lounge (Near C Gates), or put your taste buds to the test with 4Finger’s spicy Korean-style fried chicken at Terminal 1’s Departure Lounge (Central). Once you’ve finished your meal, check out our shopping directory to find out what retail options you can indulge in till your next flight departs.