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Explore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Attractions


Terminal 1 is Singapore Changi Airport’s very first terminal and has served Singapore for the last 40 years. It has paved the runway for Changi becoming the major international aviation hub it is globally recognised for today. At Changi Airport Terminal 1 and wondering what to do? You’ll never be short of art and nature spots to explore here!


The facade and halls of Terminal 1 have been designed with the theme of a ‘Tropical City’ in mind. Its attractions, like its Arrival Garden, Water Lily Garden and the Tropical Rainforest Vivarium all serve to bring alive this theme and give its visitors a tranquil experience of being amongst lush flora and fauna.

Kinetic Rain Sculpture


This iconic art installation, created by German design collective Art+Com, calms both travellers and visitors alike. The Kinetic Rain Sculpture consists of 1,216 bronze droplets that move in fluid, mesmerizing ways and form shapes that are reminiscent of flight movements. It also honours the team behind the scenes at Terminal 1 and across Changi Airport symbolising the different moving parts that make a bustling international airport, like this one, run smoothly.

Tropical Rainforest Vivarium


Feel transported to the forests of Southeast Asia and South America when you step into Terminal 1’s Tropical Rainforest Vivarium. It’s an indoor rainforest home to both terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna, with over 50 species of flora and close to 10 species of fauna usually found in tropical rainforests. They seek to evoke sensations of nature through their appearance and scents, allowing you to glimpse the region’s natural beauty within Changi Airport.

Water Lily Garden


Changi Airport Terminal 1’s Water Lily Garden provides its visitors with a zen-like sense of tranquillity. Step into this garden where the beautiful lily flower takes centre stage, and leave your worldly problems at the door. Take a walk through tiled paths and be treated to water lilies sitting idly on peaceful, still freshwater. Look out for the Amazon Water Lily, the largest aquatic plant in the world, the Sacred Lotus and the Weeping Tea-Tree, special features in this beautiful garden.

Frequently Asked Questions About Attractions At Changi Airport Terminal 1

No, our attractions are free for all to enjoy! Changi Airport Terminal 1 offers a host of attractions like its many art sculptures, including the Kinetic Rain Sculpture and the Water Lily Garden. Other attractions like the Arrival Garden and Viewing Mall also do not require paid tickets. Look forward to enjoying the full positively surprising Changi experience during your visit.

There are an endless number of other attractions to see, explore and be marvelled by! Visit the Canopy Garden in Jewel where you can stroll through the Petal Garden and Topiary Walk or take a look at the Birds in Flight art sculpture located in Terminal 3 if you’re in transit. Our full list of other attractions in Changi Airport provides you with all the details. Find an attraction that suits your interests!

Jewel is directly connected to Terminal 1. Simply exit through Terminal 1’s Arrival Hall and enter this famed building through its North Entrance. To visit Terminal 3, use the complimentary Skytrain or travel by foot using inter-terminal travelators. Our airport guide provides more detailed information.