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Collection of tokidoki x Changi Airport Premiums

Changi Airport customers who have made pre-order purchases of the tokidoki x Changi Airport premiums (4-in-1 Travel Packing Cubes set and 2-piece Mother & Daughter tote bags between 18 March to 1 May 2019 may collect their premiums from Friday, 31 May at the following location:


Where: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Basement 2, Customer Service Counter (opposite Fairprice Finest)

When: 10am to 11pm daily, from 31 May to 30 September 2019.

How: Customers can present the following to the redemption counter crew to retrieve their premiums:

- Collection SMS or email notification from Changi Airport 


- Pre-order purchase receipt

Customers are also required to provide their name, contact number or email for verification at the counter. 


Travel Packing Cubes (4-in-1)

Mother & Daughter Bag (2 Bags)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: When and where can I collect my premiums? Will I receive a notification?

A: Customers with a pre-order purchase may collect their premiums from 31 May 2019 to 30 September 2019, from Terminal 3 Basement 2 Customer Service Counter (opposite Fairprice Finest) during operating hours of 10am-11pm. Customers who have provided a valid mobile number and/or email address will receive the following notification prior to 31 May 2019:

(a)     a purchase acknowledgement email from Changi Airport for your pre-order, followed by,

(b)     a collection email and/or SMS before 31 May 2019 when the premiums are ready for collection.


Q: I am unable to collect my premiums in person. Can someone collect the premiums on my behalf?

A: You can authorise a proxy to collect the premiums on your behalf by completing the authorisation form. Your proxy is also required to produce a copy of your NRIC, his/her original NRIC and the purchase receipt with your authorisation, before the items can be released to him/her.


Q: What do I need to present to collect my premiums?


In person: Kindly present the either of the following for premiums collection:

- Collection SMS or email notification from Changi Airport 


- Pre-order purchase receipt

Customers are also required to provide their name, contact number or email for verification at the counter. Our crew will also require your name and contact details (mobile number or email address) for verification.


Via proxy: Kindly present the Purchase Receipt, Authorisation Form, copy of NRIC of the person you are collecting on behalf of and authorised personnel's NRIC.


Q: I lost my purchase receipt. Can I still collect my premiums?

A: Yes, you may still collect your premiums if your purchase reservation is confirmed. Do present the collection email/SMS notification and inform our counter staff your contact details upon collection.


Q: I have made multiple pre-orders for different premiums. Can I collect them at the same time?

A: You may collect all your items at the same time as all pre-order premiums will be ready for collection during the collection period.


Q: Can you deliver my pre-ordered premiums to me?

A: To avoid potential loss or damage of items via mail or delivery, all collections of premiums can only be done at the Customer Service Counter located at Terminal 3 Basement 2. We will also need to ensure that all premiums are collected and acknowledged by an authorized personnel.


For further enquiries and assistance on your pre-order collection, please contact us at enquiry@changiairport.com.

Thank you for your support to our events and promotions at Changi Airport!