Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST)

FAST is a suite of self-service options for departing passengers. These options are available to passengers travelling with participating airlines and eligibility criteria apply.​


First, collect your boarding pass and print your bag tag(s) at the Automated Check-in Kiosks. You may then proceed to immigration if you do not require document checks and have no check-in bags. This option is available to passengers travelling with participating airlines.


Next, tag and drop your check-in bag(s) at the Automated Bag-Drop Machine. This option is only available to passengers travelling with participating airlines.


At the Automated Immigration Gates, scan your passport, boarding pass and fingerprint to authenticate your identity. This self-service function is available for travellers whose fingerprints are registered with Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore.​


Once you reach the Automated Boarding Gates, scan your boarding pass and have your photo taken. This option is available to passengers who have successfully cleared the automated gates at immigration. Passengers will have their photos taken at the Automated Bag-Drops, Automated Immigration Gates and Automated Boarding Gates for identity verification purposes only.​