Airport Parking
Airport Parking
Airport Parking

Airport Parking


There are five car parks at Changi Airport—one at each Terminal, as well as the Hub & Spoke Car Park between Terminal 2 and JetQuay.

Enjoy a 10-minute grace period for pick-up/drop-off at all car parks. Full parking charges will apply for vehicles and motorcycles that stay in the car park beyond 10 minutes from the time of entry.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations offering paid charging services are available. Please download the respective charger provider's app to charge the EVs.


  • T1/Jewel Car Park, B3, Lobby C, parking spaces 207-212
  • T2 Car Park 2A, L3, parking spaces 98, 99, 144
  • T3 Car Park 3A, B1, parking spaces 237-242

Charger type: 22kW AC at T1/Jewel, 2, 3 and 50kW DC at T2

Note: Please move your EV to another carpark space within 30mins after it is fully charged, to enable usage by other drivers.

Preferential Parking Rates

long term parking for travellers

Park & Fly

Going on a short overseas trip and prefer the convenience of driving and parking your own car at the airport? Reduce your travel stress and enjoy preferential rates when you book your parking at the airport for duration of more than 24 hours.


Parking scheme for airport staff

Park & Work

The Park & Work scheme is a temporary parking scheme to cater to airport staff without season parking, and are required to return to the airport on an ad-hoc basis. Purchase 14 hours parking credits in a bundle of 5 coupons at S$80 (usual price: S$182), or a single coupon at S$22 (usual price: S$36.40)


Parking Information

Cars and vans

Car Park


Terminal 1 / Jewel Car Park

Short-term Parking (B2M and B2)
First 90 mins
S$0.65/15 mins block
Subsequent 30 mins or part thereof
S$5/30 mins

General Parking (B3 to B5)
S$0.65/15 mins block

Terminal 2, 3 and 4
Car Parks A & B


S$0.65/15 mins block


Hub & Spoke Car Park
(Open-air car park between Terminal 2 and JetQuay)

S$0.60/15 mins block

Motorcycles and scooters

Car Park


Terminal 1 Car Park

Terminal 2 Car Park 2A & 2B

Terminal 3 Car Park 3A & 3B

Terminal 4 Car Park 4A & 4B

(Main terminal car parks)


(7:00 AM–6:59 AM the next day )

Coaches and Mini Buses

Coach Stand


Terminal 1, 3 and 4 Coach Stands

Terminal 2 Coach Stand

S$1.155/15 mins block

S$1.25/15 mins block

Payment and Card Top-up

All car parks at Changi Airport are managed by an electronic parking system. This means payment will automatically be deducted from a CashCard or Autopass Card at the car park exit station. Please insert the card into the In-vehicle Unit or the reader in the exit station. Do ensure sufficient value in the card before exiting. Receipts are available on request.

You may top up the value in your CashCard or Autopass Card using the top-up machines located in the Terminals and car parks. The top-up machines only accept payment via NETS.

For cash top-up, drop by any Cheers store located in Terminals 2, 3 or 4. For assistance, you may call the car park service hotline at +65 9336 2249

Top-up Locations

Car Park Locations

Terminal 1 Car Park

Level B2M to B5 (next to Lift and Escalator Lobby)

Level B2M to B5 (Car Park Exit)


Level 1 (Car Park Exit)

Level 3 (Lift Lobby for Lifts 9, 10 and 11)


Level 2 (Terminal Building Entrance from Car Park)


Level B1 (in front of Airline Offices and Car Park Exit)

Level B2 (beside Car Park Booth and Car Park Exit)


Level B1 (beside Lift PL12 and PL13 and Car Park Exit)

Level B2 (Terminal Building Entrance from Car Park and Car Park Exit)


Level 1 (Lift Lobby)


Level 1 (Lift Lobby)

For general parking enquiries, please email Wilson Parking (S) Pte Ltd at

Alternatively, you may also contact them at the following hotline:

Terminals 1, 2,3, 4 and Changi Airfreight Centre

+65 9336 2249

Seasonal parking services are available in Changi Airport and Changi Airfreight Centre. For information on application procedures for Changi Airport, please email Wilson Parking (S) Pte Ltd at

Alternatively, you may also contact them at the following hotlines:

Terminals 1, 2,3, 4 and Changi Airfreight Centre
+65 6411 5592


Please refer to the full terms and conditions here.