The Capital of Ancient China

Leave your footprint on the eastern end of the Silk Road. Conquer one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Historically known as Chang’an (eternal peace), Xi’an is where the first emperor of China united seven warring kingdoms in 221 BC.

Portal to New Adventures

Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang

Visit the subterranean megatomb of China’s first emperor. Largely unexcavated, the necropolis is still one of China’s best-kept secrets despite the fame following its terracotta army. Built by 700,000 craftsmen, prisoners and debtors over 38 years, the mausoleum dwarves even the Great Pyramid of Egypt. 


Mt. Huashan

Conquer one of the most dangerous hikes in the world, to reach the remotest teahouse on Earth. A sacred Taoist mountain, Mt. Huashan is one of China’s Five Great Mountains. Each year, close to a million people brave the deadly Plank Walk to seek a cup of tea at Huashan Teahouse. An ancient temple with over 1,000 years of history, nestled amongst a sea of clouds — on Mt. Huashan’s south peak.

Hongshi Gorge

Take in the beauty of red sandstone rocks and stunning waterfalls flowing through Yuntai Mountain. Located 30 minutes away from Xi’an, visitors can find the famous “Red Rock Gorge” in Xiuwu Country’s Yuntai Mountain Geo Park. This natural wonder is home to 44 cliff dwellings and a popular trekking hotspot for travellers looking for a break from the bustle of the city. 


Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Climb the seven-storey pagoda of Da Ci’en Temple. Built by Emperor Gaozong of Tang dynasty in 652 AD, the pagoda had a single purpose. To house the Buddhist scriptures and statues that Xuan Zang had brought back from India after his 17-year journey. One of the greatest monks in Chinese history, Xuan Zang was a scholar, traveller and translator who inspired the literary classic — “Journey to the West”.


Paradise for Foodies


Shredded Bread in Mutton Soup

“Yangrou Paomo” (羊肉泡沫) — shredded pita bread in mutton broth.


Xi’an Burger

“Roujiamo ” (肉夹馍) — beef, lamb or pork in crispy baked bread.


Biangbiang Noodle

“Youpo Chemian” (油泼扯面) — handmade ribbon noodles that can fill up an entire bowl with a single strand.


Hot and Sour Dumplings

“Suan Tang Shui jiao” (酸汤水饺) — mutton or beef dumplings in sour and spicy soup.